Meet Seth.

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Licensed Principal Real Estate Broker
[email protected]

My Background

Moving to Corvallis in 2005, I attended Oregon State’s College of Forestry. Working in restaurants while attending school, upon receiving my degree, I discovered that I was more interested in talking to people than measuring trees. My past experience, in these social settings, gave me the ideal platform to communicate and socialize with incredible people, from every part of the Corvallis community and beyond. I am proud and value each step it took to achieve my goal of where I am today.


People are very important to me, I care about who they are and what they need, which helps me perform my job well. Having a young family, I know how important it was to find the right home for us. I have lived in Willamette Landing for 13 years and genuinely want to see my clients, in that same way, find a home that will serve their needs, now and into the future. Whether I am helping a family, like my own, find the space where their children will grow up or helping a client downsize for the future, each individual situation is extremely gratifying, knowing that I have helped them reach their goal.

A Relaxed Approach to Service

I will always make myself available, as much as possible, to my clients giving them the tools needed to discover the property that lines up with their idea of perfection. I am not interested in high-pressure sales or hurrying people through the process. I will take as much time as needed, allowing each client the opportunity to find their perfect home or property. Everyone deserves that simple courtesy.


Raising a family in Corvallis, I am fully vested in my community. You can often find me walking around Willamette Park with my children or taking them for a couple of afternoon games at Highland Bowl. People I work with are neighbors and friends. In a small tight-knit community, like Corvallis, we are all neighbors and I hope that after working together we will also be friends.